Get your child certified and safe. Right here.

ETRAs one-time, hands-on skills evaluation is easy, quick, and just $20 per rider. Plus, secure Online Registration is a snap! Pick a convenient date below and click it. Fill out the form. Then show up at Shotgun Creek's Cascade View OHV Complex on your pre-registered date with your kid(s) and get them legal. That's it. Then ride and have fun


From Marcola Road, turn onto Shotgun Creek Rd. Take a left at the signed split, and follow the road 3.5 mi. up to the Cascade View OHV Complex.

Try this Google Map and look for these signs on your way in.


To register for the hands-on evaluation the youth(s) must first have completed the Oregon Online ATV Safety Education Course. Upon completion of the free test all youths are assigned an individual 11 digit safety education number. This number is required to register for this final part, the Hands-On evaluation.

Youth Motorcycle and Quad (ATV Class III and I) Required Equipment checklist for evaluation:

  • Bring your own motorcycle or quad, ready to ride and the right size!

  • Parent or guardian must accompany the youth

  • Helmet (DOT approved motorcycle helmet that fits properly)

  • Goggles (or helmet with shield)

  • Gloves

  • Sturdy over the ankle  boots

  • Long‐sleeve shirt

  • Long pants

We start with the funnest part, paperwork. Then our brief verbal lesson is casual, interactive and educational for the kids and parents. Next, we check out the vehicles for safe operation, rider knowledge of controls and rider fit. Then we fire up the machines and finish with the hands-on evaluation. We're usually done within 2 hours. Ta Da!

We issue temporary cards as soon as the kids pass. Then, since we're located inside the designated Shotgun OHV riding area, you can go for a scoot with the family that day. Perfect!

To contact the instructor for questions either email Jared or call him at 541-912-8296. Thanks!