Our Mission

To promote enjoyable, safe, and sustainable OHV recreation.


ETRA started out as an off-road motorcycle club with members paying annual dues. We focused on local political challenges. We organized large club rides and put on poker runs. Then we jumped into the race scene by putting on the Funky Chicken. The FC was a very successful AMA National Hare Scrambles hosted by a private ranch in Elkton, the Big K Guest Ranch.



Like most of you out there, the core members of ETRA are fully engaged in careers and family. The time and energy needed to do justice to the more inclusive club and large OHV events of the past, is just not available. We all agreed that if we're going to do anything, do it right. So, we've directed our focus onto what we feel is needed most in the OHV community. We simply want to provide a go-to point for people that want to keep the OHV community alive and healthy by organizing volunteer involvement on the ground. We no longer charge dues.

We will always continue to promote education of OHV safety and responsibility through the resources on this site as well as our Youth Safety Evaluation Program.

What we do

  • For over 25 years, ETRA has collaborated with our public land managers by assisting with the planning, implementation and maintenance of trail systems.  
  • We organize vital grant-matching volunteer work parties that support our trails on many levels.
  • Advocate for OHV recreation on a state and national level by participating in the legislative process.
  • Promote the future of OHV recreation by supporting the State of Oregon's Youth Safety Evaluation Program.