Huckleberry Work Party May 4th. Sign up!

This year's Snowpocalypse has created lots of downed trees on our trails. Let’s get up there and open them up! Your volunteer hours not only help to maintain your trails, but provide needed evidence for land managers to put resources into our OHV systems.

The work party will be on Saturday May 4th at 9:00am at the Huckleberry Flats Staging area. Please notify us with the “Sign Up” link above to help us plan ahead. Spread the word. Let’s go!


Here in the Pacific Northwest, whether we walk, pedal, paddle or ride, everyone can travel within and explore the great outdoors. To answer the call of the wild we have a network of public trail systems and designated use areas. This is a freedom we are fortunate to have.

So where does the Emerald Trail Riders Association fit into this big picture? We represent the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) users. Motorized trail riders. Though we are primarily a dirt-bike club, we recognize the need to partner with all classes of OHVs to benefit and sustain our combined trail systems. These designated OHV areas provide us with the unique experience of trail riding, adventure, camping with family and friends and a healthy escape from everyday routine.

Our purpose is to sustain and improve our trail systems through proactive work both on the ground and on the desktop.


What We Do

Find out about our association, our goals for the future and our history. See what we've learned from our decades of dedication to off-road recreation. 

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What You Can Do

Want to contribute something positive and valuable to your favorite riding area? Want to have a rewarding day outdoors with family and friends?

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