Cheers!      to all the volunteers and supporters of that epic race.

Sorry folks, though the legacy will live on in memory, ETRA will not be running the Funky Chicken AMA National Hare Scrambles again. We sure enjoyed the ride while it lasted and were honored to be able to pull it off for 15 years. Yay!

With regards to our hard-working members and volunteers, the Big K Guest Ranch, our many sponsors, the AMA, and the thousands of racers who made it the spectacle that it was. Thank you!

"Besides the miles of poison oak, blackberries and scotch broom we had to clear every year for each unique course, it was easy!"
"Honestly though, it was always exciting to make the Chicken happen. The support from our sponsors was top notch and the folks at the Big K were incredibly generous."
- Jar-Head