Don't miss the train, get on board! Like to ride? We do. That's why we are letting our legislators know that protecting our recreational lifestyle is taken seriously here. Responsible OHV use is healthy for our families, resources and economy. We have a duty to respond to the threats of access closure and anti-OHV laws. Our Action page links you to several of our watchdog OHV organizations. Take a half hour, navigate around and sign up for a few action alerts, you'll be glad you did... and your kids will too.


Just Click! Join ETRA or renew your annual family membership securely through Paypal. Only $20 for a family? Yep!
If you would rather do it old school, you can download and print our membership application then send us a check for your dues by mail.

AMA Membership is now available online, here. By Joining the American Motorcyclist Association, you are supporting the strongest national advocacy group for Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) use. The benefits go on and on so check them out. AMA site. Click below to join now.

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Who are we?
We are a non-profit, Off-Highway-Vehicle (OHV) motorcycle club based in Eugene, OR. The Emerald Trail Riders Association serves to unify the OHV recreational community into a recognizable organization devoted to the protection of our sport. Our diverse membership ranges from the youth to senior rider and from the novice to expert skill levels. We all share a common interest, the love of trail riding. We currently have over 100 members and are growing fast. The ETRA is also a proud member of Oregon's off-road racing sanctioning body, the Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association (OMRA).
When do we meet?
ETRA has meetings every third Tuesday of the month. During the winter months we meet at a local pizza joint and during the summer we meet at a local park. The location of the next meeting is always posted in this website. The meetings are informal and fun, lots of bench racing. All members have the opportunity to speak. We also vote on activities and directions for the clubs resources.
What do we do?
We offer fun Monthly Club Rides and Meetings, organize Events such as Poker Runs and National Cross-Country Races, and perform trail maintenance through Work Parties to improve and sustain our local riding areas. ETRA is a club dedicated to preserving the right to ride on Oregon Public Lands. We utilize our numbers and recognition to help other agencies plan, construct and maintain motorized trail systems in our area. These agencies include the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) , Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), Private landowners, Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC), Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association (OMRA) and others.

Youth Safety. Has your young rider had their hands-on skills evaluation yet? You can start here at this blue box or get all the How's?, When's?, Wheres? and Why's answered on our Youth Safety page.


ETRAs one-time, hands-on skills evaluation is nearby, quick, and inexpensive. Plus, secure Online Registration is a snap!
button This big green button links you to the statewide registration map and more information about YSEP.

On the map, click on District 2 then Lane County, choose a date, fill out the form and pay just $20.Then show up on your pre-registered date with your kid(s) and get them legal. That's it. Then ride and have fun!

IsaacBootsSomebody get this kid some boots! It's time to check out our Swap Meet section on our Forum. Huckwp1 Huckwp2
Work Parties. We partner with our public agencies like the Forest Service and BLM to maintain and develop our trail systems. It doesn't pay the bills but it's rewarding work. 3 Trails Work Party Report: Another fun collaboration with the USFS and 12 club/family members. We built the puncheon and turnpike pictured above, which provided a total of 96 hours to ATV Grant match. Then camped and rode on Sunday. Perfect!

Our club is made of all kinds of people. From Chainsaw Bob, our most "mature" member, to these young riders. We all love adventure and a challenge.





Huckleberry Work Party Report:15 club/family members cleared new single track trail. $1500 worth of labor in grant match. Nice work!

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